Innovations in Sunscreens: Prevention+

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Previous sunscreens like the Daily Defense or the SUN products were highly effective moisturizers with a built in sun protection, but they did not offer the cosmetically pleasing feel on the skin due to the fact that high concentration of zinc oxide tended to be more pasty, tacky and drying due to the characteristics of this inorganic compound. Our goal was to create a premier product unlike anything like it in the marketplace.  This was accomplished by discovering a innovative and novel zinc oxide that we source from Japan.  By utilizing this unique zinc oxide, we achieved an unparalleled cosmetic feel on the skin without leaving the usual white residue. 

These moisturizers are truly unmatched in the industry.  We offer 2 different, pure physical moisturizers with built in sun protection: Prevention+ hydrating moisturizer SPF 30, with one of the highest concentration of zinc oxide in the market place of 18.6% (31% zinc dispersion), as well as a combination of zinc oxide and titanium in our Prevention+ tinted moisturizer SPF 30.  To offer more variety, and to offer an even more weightless feel, as consumers requested, we offer a unique Prevention+ matte moisturizer SPF 32, that includes the same physical sunscreen ingredient zinc oxide, in combination of an SPF booster Oxtinoxate, that is an organic compound, and one of the most widely UVB sunscreens used.  Recent studies showed that this organic compound does not penetrate the outer skin in sufficient concentrations to cause any significant toxicity, therefore it is considered safe with a proven track record.   This moisturizer offers lightweight moisture, and dries quickly without a reasidue. As the tinted moisturizer, it is oil-free. 

In the near future the FDA will regulate and limit SPF factors at a maximum of 50, due to the fact that higher SPF numbers are not significantly more protective.  Therefore Image Skincare also offers the Prevention+ ultimate protection moisturizer SPF 50, that contains the main SPF sunscreen ingredient zinc oxide, which offers the broadest range of protection, as well as SPF booster Octinoxate, as well as Octisalate, which is an organic compound and which shows also no skin penetration nor pose any risk to health according to the European Commission of Health and Consumer Protection. In addition this SPF also includes plant-derived stem cells to protect our skin cells from UV radiation on a cellular level. All of the offered Prevention+ products offer a wide range of additional benefits, and inhibit free radicals by incorporated anti-oxidants.

Prevention+ is much more than your average sunscreen:

  • It is a holistic approach to prevent our skin from aging due to sun exposure   
  • They are moisturizers with a built in high sun protection factor
  • Innovative approach to prevention of skin aging due to sun exposure
  • Understanding that UV exposure causes multifactorial damage, so Prevention+  offers multifactorial benefits to combat these damaging effects

First line of defense:
Main ingredient, pure physical zinc oxide. This is a broad spectrum inorganic UVA/UVB protection ingredient, offers the significant amount of protection and prevention of sun damage
Novel zinc oxide: fine particle size of coated zinc in a dispersion. Unparalleled in the industry: non-greasy, non-sticky, non-tacky, non-pasty due to its breakthrough technology.

Second line of defense:
Innovative, novel anti-oxidants and preventative measures to protect DNA damage: Photosomes, Roxisomes, Ultrasomes as well as stabilized Vitamin C and other anti-oxidants. Anti-oxidants fight free radical damage, and are free radical scavengers, as soon as they develop due to UV exposure on the skin

Third line of defense:
Ultra effective anti-oxidant thiotaine adds additional protection against free radical damage
Fourth Line of defense:
Plant derived stem cells for ultimate protection and prevention in the Prevention+ ultimate protection moisturizer SPF 50.

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