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Your brows frame your face-whether you have sparse or bushy brows, they all need to be well groomed. I will teach you some tricks to do in between your appointments to keep them looking great! Don't neglect your brows!

Please let me know if you are taking ANY medications such as antibiotics, Retin-A, Differin, Tazorac, Accutane, Avage, Strivectin, Alpha Hydroxy Acids or Salycilic acids. These products can cause dryness and your skin becomes thin and more sensitive to wax.

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An effective way to remove unwanted hair. At Bliss, we offer the safest and most delicate method using French aromatherapy wax. We have a strategic way of working the skin with soft, organic honey wax which virtually takes the discomfort out of looking beautiful.

Brow Shaping with Wax  $28
Brow Shaping with Tweezer  $34
Lip  $15
Chin  $15
Sides  $15+
Full Face  $65
Lower Leg  $25
Bikini  $25+

Waxing For The Well Groomed Man
Brows  $25
Uni Brow  $10
Neck  $20
Upper Back  $45
Full Back  $65

Brow Tinting  $15
A fantastic way to achieve a more polished appearance. Some brows are too light for our hair color and can make you look washed out. Brow tinting and shaping really define the face and compliment the eyes.

Eyelash Tinting

A great way to make your eyes more pronounced without the hastle of mascara. It's a vegetable base dye that's applied gently to your natural lashes and last up to 4 weeks (works best on lashes without any mascara on them).